Carlos Guimarães, CEO adidas

Carlos Guimarães


“O percurso profissional deve ser traçado com criatividade, confiança e colaboraçao!”

Carlos joined adidas in 2009 and he has been working in the company since then. During his academic life, he had different jobs. He soon realized that a career as an accountant would suit him the best. Carlos is passionate about numbers and the world around organizations. With his contagious spirit, Carlos always tries to get everyone motivated while playing their roles.
At the beginning the team was only composed by 12 members, but during the years, Carlos has been following and helping adidas grow and now the office counts with more than 487 employees. From Team Leader he moved very quickly to manager and since December 2015 he is the Director of GBS Porto. Carlos has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Financial Management Degree of ISCAP, Politécnico do Porto. And last but not least, Carlos is a Star Wars fan!

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